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Khandwala House, Ahmedabad

Project data

Location: India, India

KIFS Financial Services Limited – A Khandwala Integrated Venture, Ahmedabad, is the flagship company of the Khandwala group. They are coming up with their corporate house in Ahmedabad. It is a 13 storey commercial building in the heart of the city.  


Khandwala corporate house is a 51.80 m high, 13 floors commercial building. The project is spread across approx 4485 m2 area. The floor to floor height of basement to ground floor is 4.25 m and the typical floor height is 3.10 m. Quite some area of the building will be left as fair concrete finish including the façade of the building. Customer was looking for a solution, which is efficient and involves less labour but at the same time offer faster construction and good quality of concrete surface finish.


Trine Projects LLP

Customer's benefit

PERI provided complete solution for the project. With innovative PERI ALPHADECK solutions and site supervision support, all requirements at site are well addressed including the training of contractors and labours for advance technology. PERI solutions also ensuring much needed efficiency, speed and quality of construction. 

Mr. Tejas Shah
Managing Partner

“We have executed numerous projects with PERI system formwork and know about their high quality standards and innovation. For this prestigious project, we adopted newly launched PERI ALPHADECK. The solution we received was perfect in all aspects – it provided much needed speed of construction, excellent quality of concrete surface finish, was easy to install with less manpower and provided high labour efficiency. It is apt solution for flat slab construction with higher concrete slab spans. We are really happy with the overall performance of the system formwork that enhanced our project performance.”

PERI solution

PERI provided complete formwork solution for the project. Newly launched PERI ALPHADECK was used for slabs. Due to only three component of PERI ALPHADECK and crane independent operation, much needed speed of construction achieved at site. Powder coated panels with minimal contact area minimized the accumulation of slurry on the sides of the panels which further saved a lot of cleaning effort and time at the site. Seven units of single sided crane-climbing system SCS was also used for the project. PERI MULTIFLEX in combination with ALPHADECK was used for column drop area. With PERI solutions, project is managing timeline efficiently with excellent concrete finish.