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Bhagyam field develoopment, Jaisalmer, Barmer

Project data

Location: Barmer, Rajasthan, India, India

Bhagyam is an oilfield development project comprising of 15 oil well pads which cover a project area of 43,320 sqm. Located at Barmer in Jaisalmer-Rajasthan the site is part of the Thar Desert.


Bhagyam is one of the main oilfield of Barmer. A well pad area of 380 sqm required shuttering in one cast. Contractor was looking for flexible system which can be altered as per site condition. 


IOT Anwesha Engineering and Construction Ltd

Customer's benefit

A well pad area of 380 sqm was casted in one cast. This resulted in reduced overall construction time of the project.

Mr. Narendra Kumar Singh
Project Manager - IOT Anwesha Engineering and Construction Ltd

“The VARIO GT 24 wall formwork is ideal for oil and gas projects. The system is flexible and wall panel arrnagement can be altered as per site requirement.”

PERI solution

PERI provided solution with VARIO GT 24 wall formwork system. Solution was simple, fast and economical and flexible to site condition. VARIO platform provided safe working area for contractor's team.

PERI systems in use