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Cryogenic Ethylene Storage System, Dahej

Project data

Location: Dahej, India

The promoter of the project is Opal. It consists of three circular tanks which will be used for storage of ethylene. Each tank of 47 ID with varying thickness of 1.20 m to 0.60 m through the total height of 20 m.


  • A system adjustible with the varying wall sizes as well as curvature of the wall.
  • Wall constructed should be radiation proof, water proof as well as thermal proof.
  • A crane based climbing system with sufficient space to work out on the wall as well as satisfying above mentioned.


ITD Cementation

Customer's benefit

  • a cost effective solution for a large and tedious construction.
  • disciplined system for fitting in tight schedule.
  • stair tower satisfying every need of access on the site.
Nagendra Chaudhary
Project Manager

“PERI formwork system is one of the best formwork system for construction of circular tank. In this system the result of providing filler is very good for shape, finishing of the concrete and alignment of two shutter, as per my practical experience.”

PERI solution

  • VARIO VT 20K circular wall formwork and CB 240 climbing system were supplied.
  • PERI provided special solution for tie system with SK tie system to construct tank walls to be radiation proof, thermal proof as well as water proof.
  • Special VARIO panel is designed for circular tapered shape to get curvature of the tank.
  • A stair tower to access each level easily.