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PERI UP MI is an innovative solution among the steel scaffolding systems and stands for quick and simple assembly. lt is adaptable to suit all geometries and applications like facade scaffolding, shoring towers and access scaffolding. PERI UP MI is a modular and flexible system with gravity lock technology which allows easy and safe assembly.

Modular and Flexible
Single system for shoring, facade scaffolding, mobile working scaffold, access scaffold & industry application

Optimized safety
High level of working safety with built-in safety features

Ease of handling
Overall shape and design, low component weight makes it easy to handle at job site.

Better economy through high labour productivity and faster erection

Technical Details

Uniform grid dimensions for maximum adjustment

(Adoption to Indian grid)

Application Dimensions
Shoring tower application 900mm x 900mm
900mm x 1200mm
900mm x 1800mm
1200mm x 1200mm
1200mm x 1800mm
1800mm x 1800mm
Scaffolding application 900mm x 2400mm
1200mm x 2400mm

Component Dimensions
Standard MVR 50cm / 100cm / 150cm / 200cm / 300cm
Top Standard MVH 50cm / 100cm / 150cm / 200cm / 250cm
Ledger MH 90cm / 120cm / 150cm / 180cm / 240cm
Steel Deck Length: 90cm / 150cm / 180cm / 240cm
Ledger Brace MBL 90cm/100cm, 90cm/150cm, 90cm/200cm
120cm/100cm, 120cm/150cm, 120cm/200cm
180cm/100cm, 180cm/150cm, 180cm/200cm
240cm/100cm, 240cm/150cm, 240cm/200cm
Base Spindle MJB  
Crosshead Spindle